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Welcome to our new English language community! If you write in English can post here your reports and forum messages. Feel free to join!!!

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SwissBob hat gesagt: Thanks
Gesendet am 27. März 2007 um 17:52
Hi Stani, Louis and 360!

Thanks Stani for setting this up. I find it quite hard going reading through all the non-English posts but can just about understand them. The wort part, though, is trying to reply in the same language!

Hopefully as hike reports are posted in this Community it will help others who find it even more of a trawl.

Happy Hiking


SwissBob hat gesagt: Plaun la Grenia Info
Gesendet am 27. März 2007 um 17:57
There's a few of us planning on heading to the Plaun la Grenia this weekend (Mar. 31 / Apr. 01).

Does anyone know what the conditions are like there at the moment or where we might be able to find out anything. The only thing we know is that both the Terri and Scaletta Huts are Wardenless at this time of year!

Thanks for any info.


olethros hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 27. Juni 2007 um 21:37
Hello English speakers. I can speak some french, but my german is horrible at the moment. I have a question about the hike classification. Can a hike be classified T4 or higher even when there is no snow?

Anna hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. Juni 2007 um 21:44
Yes, even there is no snow.

We have now an English translation of T1-T6 difficulties here.

Stani™ Pro hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. Juni 2007 um 21:49
Hi olethros! Welcome at hikr.org!

I think T4,T5,T6 grades are nothing to do with the snow. It's more about technical difficulty, as explained here. There are many examples of T4-T6 hikes without snow, look here.

Hope that helps

olethros hat gesagt: RE:
Gesendet am 27. Juni 2007 um 22:49
OK, so there is this hike which I am not sure whether it should be rated a T3 or a T4 - here's what I thought of it:
And here are some more pictures:

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