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Woof woof,

Adi asked us how we do to store so much pictures and reports and what happens if the server crashes.

So, let's answer. We have 2 servers. Each server has 2 disks of 750Gb. The disks on the same server are the exact copy of each other (RAID1), so if one disk crashes we can replace it almost without stopping the server (about 20 minutes down). Moreover, both servers contains the same data, one of them is used to serve web-pages and the other to serve photos. If one of servers completely crashes, the other one can work alone, waiting for the replacement.

So, to summarize, hikr's reports and photos are copied on 2 servers and 4 disks. Moreover, once per day we make a backup to another disk, here at home. Total: 5 disks.

We already lost 2 disks and it took about 20 minutes to replace it each time.

Have a nice weekend
Your IT-expert, Zinaida

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