Two little new features

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Hello hello,

Voilà two little thingies we did today:

1) Submit to community box ( on the right side of the photo or report ) is improved. List of communities is alphabetically ordered, etc. etc. etc.

2) On the little photo icon there is a little little icon to show if there are comments or favorites. Comment bubble indicates comments and a star means "there are favorites". If you hover mouse over it the number of comments or favs is shown. You can see this in action for example here. And this is a screenshot.

Sincerely yours,
Head of PR,

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laponia41 Pro hat gesagt: Super
Gesendet am 10. Januar 2010 um 08:10
Hallo Zina

Wusste gar nicht, dass du nun auch zum Admin befördert worden bist. Toll - du machst Anna und Stani ernsthaft Konkurrenz.

Wau, wau

Shepherd hat gesagt: Ein...
Gesendet am 10. Januar 2010 um 09:17
...Filet Wellington geht noch heute an deine Adresse!

stephen Pro hat gesagt: Little stars...
Gesendet am 11. Januar 2010 um 14:07
I find the little "star" icon a bit distracting, especially when you diaplay the general "Hot" or "Most recent favourites" photo pages from the main Hikr homepage.

Because all the photos displayed here have votes/comments, the result is a grid in which every photo is partly masked by an icon... visually, it isn't very good to the eye and distracts from the photos themselves.

Would it be possible to hide these icos from the photo vignettes on these pages, while keeping them visible on individual users' photo pages ?

Zina hat gesagt: RE:Little stars...
Gesendet am 11. Januar 2010 um 20:16
Right, on the popular, last favs or last comment pages this is pretty redundant. To be removed.

Best regards,

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