Upcoming restrictions to climb Mont-Blanc summit

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Interesting development after a hectic summer: local authorities want to restrict Mont-Blanc access to alpinists starting in Saint-Gervais by allowing 214 daily passes (capacity of the Refuge du Goûter) from summer 2019 on.

One of the first articles on the subject (in french): https://www.20minutes.fr/societe/2330663-20180904-haute-savoie-faudra-desormais-permis-grimper-mont-blanc-devenu-cour-miracles

A good proposition, I think, but I doubt it will be implemented - and even if so, it will be very difficult to enforce (stupid people can be very creative).

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Sputnik Pro hat gesagt: Stop this stupid ideas
Gesendet am 4. September 2018 um 22:11
Any restrictions for climbing a mountain are totaly wrong. The mountain areas should be a free place for every people at every time! On my foreign mountain-travels to mountains with special restrictions, I only organized for a permit if the mountain was in a strong militarily guarded zone.

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