KML export broken?

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Hello admins

Downloading a GPX- as KML file and trying to import it in via Advanced tools / KML import is no longer working (parse error). It was working earlier in this year.

If I download the GPX file and convert it with, the import into is working fine. And GPS Visualizer can display the exported KML files from Hikr without any problems.

Do you know what's wrong?


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poudrieres hat gesagt: KML Import
Gesendet am 17. Oktober 2016 um 22:43
Hello Simon,

I do not think that this is a problem.

If I import a GPS track to I get this result :

If I use this KML track instead

I do get this result:

But... It seems that the map.geo.admin viewer no longer centers automatically onto the uploaded track after the upload.

Kind regards, poudrières.

carpintero Pro hat gesagt: RE:KML Import
Gesendet am 17. Oktober 2016 um 23:03
Hi poudrières

The error message "Dieses File ist keine KML Datei" is shown, because the URL is not referencing a KML file, but a GPX file.

I guess the second URL (referencing gps32602.kml) is already a KML file (=uploaded as KML file). No conversion (GPX to KML) is required.


poudrieres hat gesagt: Conversion
Gesendet am 17. Oktober 2016 um 23:07
Yes. I use gpx2kml for the coversion and upload it to hikr.

poudrieres hat gesagt: I am still wondering ...
Gesendet am 17. Oktober 2016 um 22:51
... how you downloaded a GPX file as KML file.

carpintero Pro hat gesagt: RE:I am still wondering ...
Gesendet am 17. Oktober 2016 um 23:21
Simply click on the gear icon in the geodata section and choose KML - in the same menu as you could display the profile of a GPS track.

poudrieres hat gesagt: Gear icon
Gesendet am 18. Oktober 2016 um 07:58
I have never used this KML export before. Looking into the file I prefer the hikr KML file to what is created by gpx2kml. The header is quite lean. There is just that nasty syntax error that scm has identified.

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SCM hat gesagt: RE:I am still wondering ...
Gesendet am 17. Oktober 2016 um 23:29
You can do that by clicking on the wheel icon next to gpx file.

I can confirm carpintero's problems. Since two or three weeks, I'm experiencing the same problems. I had a closer look and investigated the downloaded KML file. The problem is easy to fix. The IconStyle tag should look like this:

< IconStyle>
< scale>0.5< /scale>
< Icon>
< href>< /href>
< /Icon>
< /IconStyle>

However, in the generated file, the IconStyle tag is closed too early:

< IconStyle>
< scale>0.5< /scale>
< /IconStyle>
< Icon>
< href>< /href>
< /Icon>

Note, for this answer I had to add a space after each opening bracket so that it will be interpreted as text.

carpintero Pro hat gesagt: RE:I am still wondering ...
Gesendet am 18. Oktober 2016 um 09:30
Thanks for pointing out what the problem is. I guess the export function did not change on Hikr in the last time, but seems to be more strict when importing KML data. Probably it's no big deal to fix it on Hikr.

SCM hat gesagt: RE:I am still wondering ...
Gesendet am 18. Oktober 2016 um 09:37
Yes, probably has become more strict, since other tools like BaseCamp can still read the KLM track. However, it should be easy enough to fix :)

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Kaj hat gesagt: RE: Deutsch
Gesendet am 18. Oktober 2016 um 21:10
Hoi zämme,
@Renaiolo - der Link scheint alt zu sein; hier der neue. Da gibt es auch das besagte Handbuch für MAPKon.
Ich selbst benutze die Freeware RouteConverter.
Ein größeres Problem sind die Standards der Formate, wie GPX oder KLM. Die Programme zur Erstellung & Verarbeitung der Tracks schlampen oder implementieren absichtlich teilweise inkompatible Formate. Die Programme zum Lesen dieser Dateien (Parser) interpretieren den Track dennoch richtig oder scheitern.
GPS-Formate kommen mir vor, wie ein Dschungel. Wie SCM am 17.10. schrieb, kann man - Einarbeitung vorausgesetzt - auch mit einem Editor (zB Notepad++) den XML-Code reparieren.
Ich konvertiere die Dateien lieber selber, statt mich an OnlineLösungen abzuarbeiten
ciao Kaj

carpintero Pro hat gesagt:
Gesendet am 20. Oktober 2016 um 19:23
The import of the KML files from Hikr into is fixed. I assume has relaxed the rules, because the KML output of Hikr didn't change.

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