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15 Jun 14

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California   T5 V- L  
15 Jun 14
Following the Snake: Dike climbing on Half Dome
Climbing Half Dome is a dream for almost everyone visiting the Yosemite Valley. Once you see that incredible granite monolithe from the right perspective, the question "why?" is already answered. "Climbing" Half Dome means to most people standing in a line for the (in)famous regular route via "the calbes" - if you were lucky...
Publiziert von Alpin_Rise 17. November 2014 um 20:37 (Fotos:40 | Kommentare:4)
California   V  
12 Jun 14
Easy Trad Climbing in Yosemite Valley: "After Six" on Manure Pile Buttress
After arriving in Yosemite Valley from a 100 km Backcounty-Trip I was sucessful to find a climbing partner and some gear. Our first climb should be an easy trad / clean climb down in the valley. "After Six" is a good option, as it is one of the easiest multi-pitch climbs in Yosemite. Since I didn't do any serious climbing for...
Publiziert von Alpin_Rise 10. Januar 2017 um 09:54 (Fotos:8 | Kommentare:1)
California   T2  
8 Mär 14
Spring hike in Yosemite NP: Yosemite Point (2114m) and Castle Cliffs (2250m)
Another mandatory part of the California tourist program is to go to Yosemite National Park. In spring, it's not that crowded, the waterfalls are most impressive, and in the past winter, there has not been much snow, so let's go! A hike that is suitable if you only have 1 day and have to drive back the same day, leads to...
Publiziert von felixbavaria 14. März 2014 um 17:31 (Fotos:38 | Kommentare:2)
California   T5  
Chasing Waterfalls and a and "Devils Pool" after the Regular Route at Sunnyside Bench
After my 100k hike I arrived in Yosemite Valley, missing climbing gear as well as a partner. Nevertheless, I got to knew some nice people and I had the chance to do some easy climbing routes like After Six, Snake Dike and the Regular Route at Sunnyside beach. The last is regarded as one of the easiest routes in the Valley and...
Publiziert von Alpin_Rise 10. Januar 2017 um 10:03 (Fotos:8)