Parkplatz P.1427 (zwischen Rona und Mulegns) 1427 m

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16 Jun 18

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16 Jun 18
Piz Spegnas (2620 m) - easy, but steep and dangerous
Piz Spegnas (2620 m) is a rather unknown peak approx. 2 km NE of Piz Arblatsch. So far there was only one report here on about Piz Spegnas, and it's already six years old! I chose to start at P.1427 at the main road between Rona and Mulegns. It is possible to park right where the unpaved forest road up to Nascharegnas...
Publiziert von Roald 16. Juni 2018 um 22:48 (Fotos:20 | Geodaten:1)